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Donna D

Customer Comments: I bought my beautiful female Miniature Schnauzer from Petland. We had 15 wonderful years with her with no health problems. She had the most wonderful temperament. She was funny, loving and loyal and was sweet and trustworthy with my granddaughters and all children - even in her senior years. She gave us many years of joy, love and laughter. She was also a great watch dog! My mother and my sister also bought their dogs (a Pekingese and a Maltese) from Petland and found them to be healthy wonderful dogs with great temperaments as well. I'm getting ready to retire and will be looking for my next canine companion at Petland!

Sarah Kasserman

Customer Comments: I am so happy with this Pet Land! This Pet Land is under new ownership and the new owner has done an amazing job. If you have any doubts go tour the facility and view the pets! They're all well taken care of, well fed, & well groomed, it's amazing! Our family took home a wonderful puppy from this location and he is fun, playful, energetic, and VERY healthy! I'm so glad we finally have a reliable location to get pets!

Timothy McCreary

Breed: Victorian Bulldog
Date of Purchase: 11/14/16
Customer Comments: I'm pleased to announce that this location is under new ownership. So all the bad rumors that surround this location can no longer apply. Today 11/4/16 we purchased a new puppy! We got to speak with the new owner and he is an extraordinary person,very outgoing, and a real pleasure to be around. We purchased a very healthy and happy Victorian bulldog. The staff was amazing and extremely knowledgeable. Please give this location a chance to impress you cause I'm positive they will not let you down. Once again thank you for an amazing dog and a unforgettable experience.

Sue Ann Reilly

Customer Comments: Very knowledgeable, new owner is really nice and trying to do good things there. I love my new puppy. He is crazy smart and well behaved. He got a good bill of health at the vet. My family and I are so happy with our new addition. The experience here was perfect.

Edward Bromley

Customer Comments: Bought beautiful puppy for grandaughter, atmosphere very comfortable, and staff was great. Would reccomend highly.

Ashley Felker

Customer Comments: After spending some quality time at this location that is under new ownership and management I am pleased to write a positive review. The immediate changes at this location have been tremendous and too many to mention, but are absolutely worth the trip in to see for yourself! The store is bright, freshened, and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. The store is clean, and a complete remodel is in the works for early 2017. The remodel will include all new kennels and plenty of space for visitors to get to know and spend some time with their possible new family addition (whether it be a bunny, chinchilla, Guinea pig, ferret, kitten, fish, or puppy). The kennel is versed on how to truly care for puppies and the various other animals. The dogs appear healthy and loved. While many of you on here have questioned this in the past ... a new visit and some free puppy kisses will be the visualization and reassurance you need to see all the very apparent changes. The store has moved to grain-free foods and the selections are unlike those at big retails pet stores. I will not rant here but please educate yourself on dog foods that are not co-packed, made in small batches, grain-free foods, and their benefits for your animals. You will find many of these brands here including FROMM. The new owner is kind, compassionate, and spends his time with each and every family that he can to make sure the decision to bring a new family member home is one met with ease and little concern. To see someone with a genuine heart caring about each and every one of the animals that goes home is refreshing. Truly educate yourself on dog breeds and the requirements in which a breeder must have before Petland brings puppies to the store. These include, but are not limited to USDA certification, and no direct breeding violations within the last three years. I know there is some negative stigma surrounding this location, but do yourself a favor and stop in and see the new changes, talk with the owner, and take home a new baby like I have.

Zelda LovesLink

Customer Comments: This was the the second puppy i purchased from them and had a excellent experience both times.

Mark Logan

Customer Comments: I cannot believe how much this place has changed. The new ownership has really cleaned this place up, so much so I left with this cutie! Thank you to everyone involved with making this happen.

Matthew Betler

Customer Comments: We just got a puppy and had the best service. Shane was amazing and very knowledgeable!


Breed: Papillion
Date of Purchase: November 2017
Customer Comments: We purchased our Papillon puppy back in November of 2017. We had the best customer service experience you could get. Shane was so knowledgeable and very helpful! He was able to help get my family and I educated and familiar with the Papillon pedigree before we left the store. I am really impressed with the NEW Robinson PetLand. The management and customer service is first class! Our little princes Molly, is absolutely beautiful and such a fun and pleasurable little girl. ❤🐶🐾

Lori H.

Customer Comments: Wonderful experience. Beautiful dogs and animals. Second great experience and would recommend to others looking to add a new member to the family.

Casey Sheets

Customer Comments: New ownership. Fantastic staff. We had a great experience. Everyone we worked with was so knowledgeable about the puppies. Great new vet facilities also. Thankful they have new staffing and ownership that actually cares about the wellbeing of their animals! We got our new baby and couldn’t be happier about the whole experience!

Cody Culp

Customer Comments: Bill Davis and the Petland staff were very helpful. Although I was not able to get the puppy I wanted at the store, Bill and staff went out of their way to ask me what I desired. They then tried to match me with puppies and even showed me some of the puppies they could bring in the following week for me to see. I read the reviews before going. I was a little wary but I must say, all the dogs looked extremely healthy and happy. Thank you very much Bill. I will be a returning customer in the future as a thank you.

Joshua Crawford

Breed: Toy Miniture Pinscher
Customer Comments: All staff was very friendly. I went in to see two different dogs. The two dogs and I didn't have that special connection. Then I seen another dog and it was an instant connection. She's my little baby girl. Thanks for making me happy and my Toy Miniature Pinscher has found a loving new home.

Sara Press

Breed: Golden Retriever
Date of Purchase: 12/28/17
Customer Comments: Until my most recent experience on 12/28, I could not have agreed more with the one star reviews. Prior to the new ownership, this place was horrific. All the puppies looked sick, and I never would have purchased a puppy here. I purchased a Golden Retriever puppy on 12/28, and he is such a doll baby. We had a great experience. The employees (we worked with Jessica, she was amazing!) were knowledgeable about the breeds and what the cost covers. I was able to speak directly with Bill, the owner, and he answered every question I had about the puppy's breeder and where he came from. Bill now personally visits every breeder and maintains a binder with pictures of the facilities. Yes, the puppies are very expensive, but we could not be happier with our decision.

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