Our Adopt-A-Pets

We work with staff at local animal shelters and with members of the local community to place litters of homeless puppies, kittens and a variety of small animals. As part of this cooperative program, we advertise that we carry adopt-a-pets in our windows and in ads to help place the homeless pets.

The Adopt-A-Pets at Petland receive initial vaccinations and are covered under the Petland Health Warranty. Also it is Petland's goal to see that Adopt-A-Pets are spayed and neutered.

Petland's Adopt-A-Pet program has been a tremendous success. It also is growing stronger day by day as new Petland stores open with the program. Surveys conducted over the last four years show Petland has placed more than 24,440 homeless puppies and more than 90,284 homeless kittens with new families.

For a list of the Adopt-A-Pets currently looking for homes, please give us a call, or better yet stop by Petland of Pittsburgh Robinson Town Centre.

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